We read about sex addiction and addiction to on line games or chat rooms, and many people laugh and call it the 'Twinkie Defense'. We find it unbelievable that people can become addicted to things like that.

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Addiction Causes: Emotional, Physical, Biological?

We read about sex addiction and addiction to on line games or chat rooms, and many people laugh and call it the "Twinkie Defense". We find it unbelievable that people can become addicted to things like that. Then we ask about the people who seem to have everything? How do they become addicted? The answer is, their addiction may have a different cause. There are physical addictions and emotional addictions. We tend to discount emotional addiction and call it weakness, but research shows that even physical addiction has an emotional facet. Emotions are not something to control, since we can seldom do that. We can only control our reactions to emotions. However, they are powerful, powerful enough to make us do "impossible" or heroic deeds or kill with our bare hands.

Failure Of Fault Based War On Drugs

Kate Comiskey's death is a tragic casualty of the war on drugs. It began when Governor General Taft outlawed opium in the newly ..... So what part do emotions play in addiction and how can we control our reactions? Few addictions have no emotional component. They are the rare cases of medical addiction after a necessary treatment, physical addiction to prescription drugs during treatment and other possible "accidental" physical addictions. You can set these apart, because the victim does not stay dependent upon the substance for long. Good support form family and friends will help a well balanced person overcome this type of addiction rather quickly. However, when emotions are involved, the victim needs a lot more help.

The first step is removing the addictive substance or behavior. The second step is replacing it with something else, preferably a variety of other things. The final and crucial step is removing the underlying cause for the victim falling into the trap of addiction. This may mean the person needs to come to terms with life. It may mean facing past trauma, loss or fears and working through them. It may mean a life style change, changing jobs or the home environment, or even one's social group. All of these are strong influences on how we feel about ourselves and they affect our behavior. If all your friends drink and laugh at you when you abstain, then you need some new friends. The same thing goes for family, though we cannot choose them. However, we can choose how often we associate with family when it is detrimental to our mental and emotional well-being.

So where do you go for help? That depends upon what you need help with. Start with family and friends if you have support there. Discuss the problem and brainstorm with them what you should do. If you are already addicted, or think you might be, there are agencies to help in every locale, and even more on the Internet. Those same agencies can help you if you are concerned for a friend or family member. If you are in school, look up your councilor or health practitioner. If you work, many employers now have confidential programs to help employees deal with any problems. Essentially you simply need to find a support network or professional agency to help you. This is very important. It is not a matter of if you are strong or weak. You have a hole that needs to be filled, and you are filling it with the wrong things which could destroy your life and hurt everyone who cares about you. Your support network will help you fill that void with the right stuff.

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